Fire Department


Mike Lane

Fire Chief Mike Lane leads Sutherlin Fire Department with over 40 years of experience. Fire Chief Lane became a firefighter in 1981 and has served in many different roles since. Fire Chief Lane worked for Roseburg Fire Department for much of his career where he worked through the ranks from Firefighter to Fire Chief. Fire […]

Scott McKnight

Deputy Chief Scott McKnight served as a Sutherlin Firefighter from 1989 until 1993. DC McKnight then worked for Douglas County Fire District #2, where he retired after 26 years of service working his way up to Lieutenant. Since DC McKnight’s return to Sutherlin Fire Department in 2018, he has served as the Deputy Chief of […]

Brandan McGarr

Division Chief Brandan McGarr completed the Yamhill County Firefighter Academy in 2004 as he was finishing his senior year of High School. DC McGarr worked 10 years as a Firefighter and four years as a Lieutenant before coming to Sutherlin. DC McGarr was hired by Sutherlin Fire Department as a Battalion Chief in 2018. On […]

Mike Merlino

Battalion Chief Mike Merlino graduated from Glide High School and then served in the US Army infantry for three years. BC Merlino started in the fire service in 1993 as a Volunteer Firefighter. BC Merlino attended UCC to obtain his Paramedic in the mid 1990’s. BC Merlino was hired as a firefighter/Paramedic in January 1996 […]

Dan McCormick

Battalion Chief Dan McCormick is the B-Shift Battalion Chief. BC McCormick became a Volunteer Firefighter with Sutherlin Fire Department in 1985 and was later promoted to Volunteer Fire Lieutenant in the early 1990’s. He served in that capacity for many years. In 2017 BC McCormick was hired full-time with Sutherlin Fire Department as a Chief […]

Dwayne Gettys

Chief Dwayne Gettys is our C-Shift Battalion Chief. BC Gettys started his fire service career at Sutherlin Fire Department in 1994. He was hired fulltime as a Firefighter/Paramedic with Sutherlin Fire Department in 1996. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1997. During the contract for service with Douglas County Fire District 2, he became an […]