Fire Department

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission Statement

Sutherlin Fire Department strives to preserve life and enhance the health and well-being of our customers through rapid response to fire, medical, rescue emergencies and community risk reduction programs. We achieve this by virtue of Professionalism, Leadership, Vigilance, Integrity, and Honor.

Vision Statement

The Vision of Sutherlin Fire Department is to be a progressive, innovative, and dynamic organization, committed to excellence in the delivery of all its services as an all-hazards emergency response organization that supports a safe, healthy, and growing community.

Core Values

Professionalism • Leadership • Vigilance • Integrity • Honor

ProfessionalismWe approach every day and every challenge with a positive attitude. We provide professional service by treating others with compassion, dignity, and respect.
LeadershipWe believe that leadership is the force that drives a team to accomplish the mission. That it fosters compassion to listen to others while being strong enough to make difficult decisions. That it requires us to lead by example and in doing so we set a higher standard.
VigilanceTo maintain physical and mental readiness at all times. To be ever training, ever preparing.
IntegrityWe value the public’s trust and are committed to honesty and ethical behavior. We believe in a personal commitment to the organization and community.
HonorWe believe honor is living up to our values. Honor is the act of carrying out, acting and living the virtues of Integrity, Professionalism, Leadership and Vigilance in everything we do.