Fire Department

Station 1

Engine 1631

Engine 1631 is a 2020 HME Type-1 Fire Engine. It’s currently the first out fire engine staffed with three to four Firefighters 24 hours a day. 1631 carries not only fire suppression equipment, but a vast amount of vehicle extrication equipment (the Jaws of Life). Additionally, 1631 is an Intermediate Life Support Engine giving our […]

Engine 1630

Engine 1630 is a 1996 Pierce Saber Type-1 Fire Engine. It’s the second out/rural response fire engine. 1630 is a Basic Life Support Engine giving our EMT’s the critical equipment to work on patients until an ambulance arrives. 1630 carries 750 gallons of water and can pump up to 1250 gallons of water a minute.

Brush 1681

Brush 1681 is a 2022 Ford F-450, Type-6 Brush Fire Engine. Its primary role is to respond to and suppress wildland fires. Additionally, 1681 carries Basic Life Support equipment and is used to respond to Emergency Medical Responses during inclement weather and when there are multiple calls for service at the same time. Lastly, 1681 […]

Truck 1651

Truck 1651 is a 1992 Piece Lance Teli-Squirt. 1651 carries structure firefighting tools & ladders as well as the 65-foot aerial ladder on top used to flow aerial water streams at large fires. 1651 is generally the 2nd out apparatus from Station 1 for structure fires. 1651 carries 500 gallons of water and can pump […]

Tender 1661

Tender 1661 is the only Water Tender in the Sutherlin fleet. 1661 is a 2000 Pierce Commercial chassis. Its sole job is to carry water from fire hydrants to fires outside of the city limits. 1661 carries 2000 gallons of water as well as a swimming pool looking device called a port-a-tank. This device allows […]

UTV 1699

UTV 1699 is a 2023 Polaris Ranger 1000 that is specifically designed for first response and all-terrain rescue. UTV 1699 is used for medical and rescue situations where a larger vehicle or ambulance is unable to access. It is also used at public events such as the Music Off Central concerts, Sutherlin Throwdown, Blackberry Festival, […]